By downloading a Studio Triela voicebank, the user is agreeing to the following Terms of Usage. Before downloading, please read the following thoroughly:

The user is permitted to use the voicebanks created by Studio Triela, and their character's image and design for non-commercial purposes, cover songs, and original works. The user may also modify the oto.ini as they see fit to improve the quality.

The user may NOT use the voicebanks created by Studio Triela for commercial purposes without the express permission of the creator and the voice provider. Additionally, the user is forbidden from using the character's likeness (image or design) for commercial purposes without the express permission of the creator.

The user may not use the voicebanks created by Studio Triela to create fan-based, pitch-bent characters. However, pitch-bending the vocals of the existing, original character is acceptable and permitted.

The voicebank may not be used in any sort of illegal manner, for hate speech or to defame or threaten others, and may not be used in any way that violates the UTAU/UTAU-SYNTH Terms of Use agreement.

Finally, the user is forbidden from modifying the audio files in the sound library in any way, or distributing this voicebank, in part or in whole, on other websites other than that of the creator and other approved locations.

Studio Triela is not liable for any damages that may come to your computer from downloading or using these voicebanks.


Choose your desired voicebank and download source below. All Studio Triela voicebanks are encoded in hiragana with romaji and hiragana aliases, unless otherwise noted.

If you have problems downloading, such as broken links or unavailable files, please [e-mail Trelliah] and let her know.


AMAKUNE Ichigo / 甘く音イチゴ

Amakune Ichigo ACT1 (v1.2)
Single-octave Japanese-language VCV voicebank (E4). Includes moderate support for English and Latin.
Amakune Ichigo ARIA
Powerscale 7-mora VCV voicebank. ARIA uses 3 octave (C5, E4, and D4,) and is encoded with hiragana and some katakana aliases. Currently provides only minimal support for English.

AMAKUNE Chiroru / 甘く音チロル

Amakune Chiroru ACT 1 CV
Single-octave Japanese-language CV voicebank (G4), encoded in hiragana and romaji aliases.
Amakune Chiroru ACT1 VCV
Single-octave 7-mora Japanese-language voicebank (G4), encoded with hiragana and romaji aliases.

SHIROHANE Mitsuki / 白羽ミツキ

Shirohane Mitsuki CV ACT1
Single-octave Japanese-language CV voicebank, encoded with hiragana aliases.


If you use one of our USTs, please credit the maker and send us a link to the video! ^^

Coward Montblanc - UST by Trelliah
Kanashii Yokan - UST by Trelliah
La Pucelle de la Flamme - UST by Trelliah
Moonlight Densetsu (TV Size) - UST by Trelliah
Phantom of the Opera (Japanese Ver.) - UST by Trelliah