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Sayuri Tsukine - UTAUwiki 2.0

Other Voicebanks

We're not associated with these voicebanks or their creators in any way. These are voicebanks that we personally like a whole lot. Sites in Japanese are noted with "*".

Makune Hachi - Official Site / UTAUwiki 2.0
Camila Melodia - Official Site
Sonone Linako - UTAUwiki 2.0
Fuki Kusane - UTAUwiki 2.0
Mitani Nana - Official Site (*) / UTAUwiki 2.0
Sukone Tei - Official Site (*) / UTAUwiki
Kasane Teto - Official Site (English)
Namine Ritsu - Official Site (*) / UTAUwiki 2.0