AMAKUNE Chiroru / 甘く音チロル

Name Interpretation: Amakune - "sweet sound." It's also a play on "Macne," a reference to the Macne series of voicebanks that inspired the Studio Triela UTAU voicebanks' designs.

Type: UTAUloid
Model: T-1060-A0

Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (Appears to be about 12-14)
Height: 4'11"
Weight: It's a secret
Birthday: Unknown
Official Release Date: Oct. 5th, 2013

Voice Range: D4-E5
Genre: Unknown
Character Item: Cupcake, claymore (sword), zweihander

Creator / Illustrator: Trelliah
Voice Provider: Trelliah

Likes: Magical girl shows, cupcakes, marshmallows and other sweets, cute plush toys, medieval edged weaponry.
Dislikes: Arrogant people, snobbish people; shallow people; limes; math.
Secret Desire: Dreams of opening a dessert shop.

Family: Amakune Ichigo (older sister)
Signature Song: Hello, Planet!; I=Fantasy

Personality: Chiroru is a bright, cheerful girl who has a tendency to unintentionally blow nearby appliances up when she's angry. She adores magical girls and dreams of being a champion of justice herself. Chiroru is typically the one who cooks in the family, mostly because Ichigo cannot cook at all. Fortunately, Chiroru is very fond of cooking.