Summer Shuffle

July 18th, 2017Posted by Trelliah

Hello, hello! Synthetic Harmony's getting a bit of spring cleaning! Uh, summer cleaning, rather. Time to blow the dust off the site and do a bit of reorganizing! What am I changing? Everything. ^^;

First order of business? Character sites! I've been wanting to give the characters their own individual space, something to better showcase them and their personalities, and so I figured what better way to do that than give them their own minisites. Ichigo's has officially been launched as of today, and Mitsuki's will probably be coming sometime in the near foreseable future. Also, expect to see the link and media sections overhauled. They need it. Badly.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more! ^^
    -- Trelliah

Notice: Dropped Sounds Error Corrected!

August 8th, 2015Posted by Trelliah

Hello all! Trelliah here! Sorry for the lack of updates lately! Not only did I fail to update for Amakune Ichigo's first anniversary, but I simultaneously failed to update for the official release of Amakune Chiroru's VCV and CV voicebanks. Bad admin! ><; I'll try to be more on the ball with updating our site in the future. ^^

More, there was an issue where all versions of Ichigo, Chiroru, and Mitsuki were dropping sounds when used in UTAU (PC UTAU, not UTAU-Synth.) This was due to a sort of cross-compatibility issue concerning the file archiver I had been using (I'll probably write a blog article about it, since it pertains to the seemingly eternal issues Mac users have when it comes to building universally-compatible voicebanks.) In the meantime, the issue has since been rectified, and all voicebanks distributed by Studio Triela have been re-archived and reuploaded, and all download links have been updated.

If you've previously downloaded any or all versions of Ichigo, Chiroru, or Mitsuki, and experienced this issue, please go download them now from the updated links -- they should all be working fine now. Also, if you find yourself experiencing any technical issues (or have any questions) about any voicebanks distributed by Studio Triela, please contact me (Trelliah) and let me know.

Also, if you find yourself using Ichigo or Chiroru and find a flag or resampler that you think works particularly well, feel free to let me know about that, too, so I can update their information accordingly!

Thank you all for your patience, and sorry for the downtime! Also, a big, huge, tremendous thank you to Tsukine Sayuri for all of her help sorting out the dropped sounds issue, and all her help in preparing and testing our voicebanks! ^^

    -- Trelliah

Amakune Ichigo ARIA Voicebank Release

May 13th, 2014Posted by Trelliah

Amakune Ichigo's powerscale voicebank, ARIA, has officially been released!

Demo: [Virtual Star Embryology]

Voice Range: G3-B5
Voice Source: Trelliah
Illustrator: Trelliah

Recommended resampler: none
Recommended flags: none

New UST Release

March 10, 2014Posted by Trelliah

A UST for "La Pucelle de la Flamme" has been added to the UST section in Downloads.

Amakune Ichigo Voicebank Update

Nov. 7, 2013Posted by Trelliah

Amakune Ichigo's English/Latin append library has been released! The library has been included as part of her updated VCV ACT1 (version 1.2) voicebank, which is now available for download.

Amakune Ichigo Official Release

Oct 5, 2013Posted by Trelliah


Today is Ichigo's official release day! (Technically, it was yesterday, but Mediafire made that more or less impossible.)

Demo: [Wanderlast]

Voice Range: A3-E5
Voice Source: Trelliah
Illustrator: Trelliah

Recommended resampler: none
Recommended flags: none

Learn more about Ichigo on her [character page].

Synthetic Harmony: Grand Opening!

Sept 30, 2013Posted by Trelliah

Welcome to the grand opening of Synthetic Harmony -- the Studio Triela UTAU Project's website. Here you can find the latest info on our voicebanks, as well as character info, illustrations, demo songs, voicebank downloads, and USTs.

This is where we'll announce new voicebank releases and updates, as well as info on voicebanks and appends in development, so please drop in now and then to see what's new!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact [Trelliah].

Studio Triela's First Voicebank Release!

Shirohane Mitsuki's CV ACT1 voicebank is now available for download!

Demo: [Tell Your World]

Voice Range: G3-E5
Voice Source: Lolita131711
Illustrator: Trelliah

Recommended resampler: fresamp
Recommended flags: Y10H32b5C60c20D40E10

Learn more about Mitsuki on her [character page].